Landscape Democracy 2015 - Working Group A

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Dear working group members. This is your group page and you will be completing the template gradually as we move through the seminar. Each member has an individual page for documenting his/her personal case. Good luck and enjoy your collaboration!

Assignment 2 - Concept Mapping of Seminar Topics

  • You can read more details about this assignment here
  • Please add your concept maps here by replacing the dummy image. Your map needs to have a new file name:

Assignment 3 - Landscape Democracy Cases in your Environment

  • Assigned: Tuesday, October 27
  • Due: Monday, November 30

There is one template page for each group member. You can read more about the assignment here

Working Group A - Case Study 1: The Filder Plain

Working Group A - Case Study 2: Nové Zámky, Slovakia

Presentation Slides Assignment 3

Assignment 4 - Landscape and Democracy: Collaborative Project

  • Assigned: Tuesday, December 1
  • Due: Tuesday, January 25
  • Your case study templates will be extended with additional sectionsn for documenting a change model
  • You can read more about the assignment here

Presentation Slides Scenarios and Change Models