Landscape and Democracy Assignment 2: Concept Mapping of Seminar Topics

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Time frame

  • assigned: Tuesday, 27th of October

Task Description

With your team members, please select four readings from the seminar literature list.

Your selection needs to contain at least one paper from the three categories 'Policy Frameworks', 'Landscape Concepts' and 'Participation Concepts and Discourse'.

Working steps:

  • You can either distribute the papers in your team or you decide that you read all of them in the group
  • Each group member develops a concept map of his/her paper (remember the concept mapping theory from the [Landscape_and_Democracy_Assignment_1:_Concept_Mapping_of_Seminar_Theme first assignment]
  • Add each concept map on the wiki to your group page
  • Report and discuss the different papers/concept maps in your group
  • Create a synthesis concept map of all papers and add it to your wiki group page

This assignment has four principal objectives:

  • To foster your reflection on the seminar theme
  • To train collaboration in a virtual environment
  • To train analysis and synthesis skills
  • To train knowledge representation skills

Submission Format

  • Format: WIKI page with text part (if applicable) and concept maps

Submission Time

  • Your wiki page needs to be complete on Monday, 21st of December