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*[[Case Study Template Design with Nature]]
[[File:Paris park.jpg|right|300px]]
=Section A - Gardens=
*[[CBF Charitee garden in Berlin - Germany]]
*[[Villa Almeida in Starnberg - Germany]]
*[[Ghasrdasht Gardens in Shiraz - Iran]]
*[[Sword Lake in Hanoi - Vietnam]]
*[[One Pillar Pagoda - Vietnam]]
*[[Bāgh-e Shāzdeh Mahan in Kerman - Iran]]
=Section B - Gardens=
*[[Golshan Garden - Iran]]
*[[Church gardens - Latvia]]
*[[Eram Garden in Shiraz - Iran]]
*[[Park de Beloeil - Belgium]]
*[[Jarn Mound and Wild Garden - UK]]
=Section C - Heritage Landscapes=
*[[Jalali Castle Complex in Kashan - Iran]]
*[[Lalbagh Fort Dhaka - Bangladesh]]
*[[Badab-e Surt - Iran]]
*[[Valley of Massarelos - Porto - Portugal]]
*[[Mangalvanam-an old train station and a bird sanctuary-India]]
*[[Demre Kus Cenneti - Turkey]]
=Section D - Heritage Landscapes=
*[[Stone mountain hamlets in the Bison Hillock-Romania]]
*[[Plitvice Lakes National Park - Croatia]]
*[[Palic Lake-Serbia]]
*[[Native trees in agricultural landscapes - Melbourne - Australia]]
*[[Village of ZhouZhuan - China]]
*[[Baum Grove - Kasachstan]]
=Section E - Heritage Landscapes=
*[[Agave Landscape and Ancient Industrial Facilities of Tequila - Mexico]]
*[[Baptism Site of Jordan - Jordan]]
*[[Gonbad-e Qabus Tomb Tower - Iran]]
*[[Meharauli Archaeological Park - India]]
=Section F - Heritage Landscapes=
*[[Pavlovsk Park - Russia]]
*[[Sumidero Canyon- Mexico]]
*[[Sarcheshmeh Park in Mahallat - Iran]]
*[[MFO Park in Zurich - Switzerland]]
=Section G - Parks and Squares=
*[[Marjan Park in Split - Croatia]]
*[[Ankara Park - Turkey]]
*[[Parque da Cidade Sarah Kubitschek - Brazil]]
*[[Meštrović Pavilion in Zagreb - Croatia]]

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Paris park.jpg

Section A - Gardens

Section B - Gardens

Section C - Heritage Landscapes

Section D - Heritage Landscapes

Section E - Heritage Landscapes

Section F - Heritage Landscapes

Section G - Parks and Squares