Ghasrdasht Gardens in Shiraz - Iran

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Why is this case relevant?

  • Ghasrodasht gardens in Shiraz, due to physical expansion of the city and rapid massive constructions are swallowed. In most part of the area, according to the high price of the lands, Lands owners are tempting to sell their gardens for converting the area to a construction site. As a consequence of replacing green lands by residential site, the characteristics of land cover are changed and ecological structure and function of the landscape is completely transformed. In current situation, most of the gardens in the area are being neglected, unusable, segregated and the farm lands lost their productivity.

In fact, Ghasrdasht gardens as one of the last green portions in the city are become unproductive, dwindling and they are suffering from quick deterioration of their greenery. Hence it’s a big challenge to propose a feasible concept and strategy in order to maintain Ghasrdasht gardens.

Which idea of ‘design with nature’ guides the design concept of this site?

These gardens are located in the north part of Shiraz and can be considered as the city's lungs. They help to clean the dust, and haze or carbon dioxide that cars produce, by photosynthesis. Despite of all the advantages of these precious gardens, the lack of a proper maintenance planning is felt. A noticeable portion of these gardens have been being the victims of the city expansions, the lack of urban planning management and poor organizations. The faced challenges for these gardens and the need of finding solutions to save and also strength them are unavoidable. In a way that in case that the current scenario goes on and the maintenance of these gardens completely misses, even more parts of Ghasr-Dasht Gardens will be demolished and be victims of urban development.

Which challenges is this landscape facing?

  • Ghasr-Dasht plays a very important role in the city of Shiraz, which means the challenges this area is facing, can have an influence on the whole city eventually. These challenges have been mentioned in the following: Changes in land cover characteristics, Weakening the ecological structure, Rapid deterioration of green spaces for residential development, Weakening the function of the landscape, Weakening the life quality of inhabitants, Lack of urban planning management.

What would be your strategy for improvement?

We need to design equilibrium with nature and surrounding environment rather than against it. To maintain Ghasr-Dasht gardens in Shiraz, we attempted to apply multi-functionality and connectivity through implementing CPUL strategy in order to have a healthier society and enhance human well-being. Besides, economic and environmental benefits come with it which play a significant role. connectivity strategy support the idea of proposing a green network in Ghasr-Dasht district, connecting parks, public and private gardens by creating linear green spaces between gardens parks and green squares to make it more accessible for public and also reinforce the green network system. Multifunctionality strategy include designing green pedestrian and cycling pathway in the region, Provide an opportunity for creating green roofs and green facades, Put furniture for the pedestrian ways, Demolishing walls which surrounded the gardens.Economic strategy should follow: Restoration of gardens and agricultural lands and enlarge them into the city, organizing and holding some program by the municipality or individual stakeholder is requiring in order to attract public participation. Construction of tourist sites is an option for the motivation of people and provides an opportunity for landowners to earn money. ..

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