Planting Design 2013 - Working Group 8

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Assignment 2 - Lecture Concept Map

'Concept map of the lecture Baubotanik. Constructing with Living Plants by Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig'

Assignment 3 - Images of Nature in your Environment

  • Assigned: Wednesday, October 30
  • Due: Tuesday, December 3

An 'image of nature' can be any planting design or vegetation structure. It might be on a local scale in your direct vicinity or be a part of a wider landscape structure. Each group member finds an individual page here that links to a template. You can use this template for documenting your case.

Park-e-Mellat Lake Area

Urban Nature

Vancouver Olympic Village Waterfront

Presentation Slides Assignment 3

Assignment 4 - Collaborative Planting Design

  • Assigned: Wednesday, December 4
  • Due: Tuesday, January 21

Collaborative Design Working Group 8

Presentation Slides Collaborative Design