Minutes Landscape and Democracy Seminar, Tuesday, 3rd of November 2015

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Session materials

  • The invited lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Olaf Kühne, HSWT Weihenstephan-Triesdorf, on the socio-constructivist concept of landscape
  • Interactive parts:
    • Under which conditions does landscape exist? See participants answers here.
    • Which elements of a postmodernist landscape do you see in your environment? See participants answers here.
  • Ellen Fetzer explained the seminar process and next steps, see slides in the folder below
  • Access presentation materials (no login required

Map of seminar participants

  • View the participants' map here.
  • Please add your location if you have not done it yet.

Landscape and democracy literature

Next working steps for active participants

Working groups

  • The overview with your group members has been send as email attachment on 30.10.15
  • Please identify your group number and get in touch with your group mates
  • You will find your workspace via the wiki's working group page

Wiki editing

  • Your wiki account data have been send to you on Friday, 30.10.15
  • in case you have not received an email we assume that you are already registered from previous seminars
  • if both is not the case please contact the seminar coordinator

Assignment 2 - Concept mapping of seminar topics

  • This exercise covers group work, literature work and knowledge representation techniques
  • Please read the assignment description and select your theory papers from the seminar literature list
  • Most - but not all - references are open access. Material with copyright restriction has been uploaded to our ILIAS system. The password for accessing these materials is the same for all participants and has been send by e-mail on 30.10.15
  • This is a selection of readings - you are free to add your preferred references, we are happy to learn from you
  • For general overview, please add your selection this online spreadsheet

Assignment 3 - Landscape democracy cases in your environment

  • Please identify your working group page. You can see that there are templates prepared for each group member where you can document your case.
  • The template gives you further work instructions, plese also read the assignment description
  • For the upcoming session, please identify your study area and add the location to your case study template.

Next session

Tuesday, 10th of November 2015, 10 am CET

  • this lecture will be exceptionally in the morning as the speaker is based in Indonesia
  • The Landscape Approach lecture and discussion with Terry Sunderland | Centre for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)|Indonesia