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Seminar Pre-phase

Time frame: 15. - 28.10.08


Contact persons: Ellen Fetzer + seminar tutors

Week 1: Introduction and Plenary 1

29.10.08 / 18 pm CET / Virtual Team Room


  • Introduction to the seminar
  • participants present themselves
  • identification of groups
  • organisation

Moderation: Ellen Fetzer

Week 2: Case Study Identification

Time frame: 29.10. - 11.11.08

Student activities working phase 1:

  • Case study identification
  • Preparation for JoLA Symposium

Week 2: JoLA Symposium and Plenary 2

12.11.08 / 10 am CET / Virtual Team Room


  • Symposium with JoLA authors of fall issue
  • Beijing´s New Urban Countryside – Designing with complexity and strategic landscape planning

Antje Stokman et al.: , University of Hannover, Germany

  • Aranjuez, A Cultural Landscape in a Process of Revitalisation.

Miguel A. Aníbarro, Joaquín Ibáñez and Darío I. Gazapo, Madrid

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Week 3: Case Study Detailing

Time frame: 13.11. - 25.11.08

Student activities for this phase:

  1. Answer question one "Rationale - Why is this case study interesting?" before November 21
  2. Add a representative image to your case study before November 21 - this image will be the basis for the first working group online meeting on December 3rd
  3. Add first keywords to each chapter of your case study template before November 25 (n.b.: these do not need to be full / final texts - be iterative, otherwise your group remains without information!)
  4. Read the rationales of your group members before December 3rd
  5. Attend the first working group meeting on December 3rd on VITERO - these will be moderated small group sessions. N.B.: this is an additional meeting, it has been added today to the course schedule.

Week 4: Bogota and Plenary 3

26.11.08 /18 p.m. CET / Virtual Team Room

Learning from slum upgrading and participation

A case study of participatory slum upgrading in the emergence of new governance in the city of Medellín–Colombia

Week 5: Case Study Indicators + Working Group Meeting

Time frame: 27.11. - 09.12.08

Student activities working phase 3:

  • Case study indicators
  • Small groups agree on a joint set of indicators

03.12.08 / 18 pm CET / Virtual Team Room

  • Plenary with working group discussions

Week 6: Focus New Zealand and Plenary 4

10.12.08 / 9 am CET / Virtual Team Room

Invited Speakers:

  • Lincoln -Planning for expansion: The reinvention of Lincoln, New Zealand

Simon Swaffield /Paul Wilson, Lincoln University, New Zealand

Week 6: Case Study Comparison

Time frame: 11.12. - 16.12.08

Student activities working phase 4:

  • Case study comparison

Week 7: Focus United States and Plenary 5

17.12.08 / 18 pm CET / Virtual Team Room

  • Contributions by colleagues from Penn State University
  • Speaker: Stuart Echols on Design with Water in the Urban Context

Week 8: Detailing and Preparation of Presentations

Time frame: 18.12.08 - 06.01.09

Student activities working phase 5:

  • Preparing Presentations

Week 9: Case Studies from Europe and Plenary 6

07.01.09 / 18 pm CET / Virtual Team Room

  • Claudia Houck (Clemson University, USA) on
  • River Lagan Connectivity and the River Lagan, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Second part: Parallel Working Groups

Week 10: Case studies from Brazil and Plenary 7

14.01.09 / 18 pm CET / Virtual Team Room

Green Infrastructure for the Informal Settlement in the Watershed Area of São Paulo Metropolitan Region (Brazil)

presented by

  • Thelma Hisayasu and Paulo Pellegrino

Week 11: Student presentations and Plenary 8

21.01.09 / 18 pm CET /Virtual Team Room

  • Student presentations

Week 12: Finishing Reports

Time frame: 21.01.- 30.01.09

  • Finishing presentations
  • Finalising encyclopedia entries on the LE:NOTRE web page

Draft Seminar Schedule (Status: 21.09.08)