Minutes of Third Plenary Session

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26th of November 2008

Collaboration and Work Process

How to built a collaborative report?

In the first part of the meeting the concept of collaboration was explained and illustrated with the slides you see below. From now onwards all participants should work on two levels:

  • Level 1: Detailing of your own case study
  • Level 2: Identifying cross-cutting themes between similar case studies. Similar case studies are now clustered in Working Groups.

Seminar slides on collaborative report development:

Work Process

Work Process until the end of December:


  • Unfortunately, the invited speakers Martha Fajardo and Vicotria Solis could not attend this evening for health reasons. This presentation is postphoned to January 2009.
  • Instead, we had the pleasure to listen to Camilo Calderon and his case study on slum upgrading in Medellin/Colombia. Many thanks to Camilo for offering his contribution on such short notice.

Technical Problems

Some participants could not enter the room due to server errors. We assume that this was due to missing seats in the VITERO room and the system did not adapt in time. For the coming session we will provided a maximum number of seats already in advance hoping that this problem will no longer occur.