Planting Design Seminar Instructions for Working Groups

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Dear seminar participants, in the following you will find the basic information for getting you started with the 'real'process of this seminar. I hope you will enjoy your group work and learn a lot from each other in addition to the lectures of this seminar. Best wishes, Ellen

Register on the Seminar Wiki

  • The first step is to get registered on this wiki. Only registered users are able to edit pages and to create new texts and content elements. Please click on create account
  • Important: you can only register on the wiki before 12th of November 2013. We will stop this function again because otherwise our wiki will receive Spam registrations.

Getting familiar with the wiki

This wiki uses the same software as Wikipedia, so maybe you are already familiar with this. Please check the help page for a first introduction. The best way is learning by doing.

Where is my working group?

  • For privacy protection reasons we do not publish the working group members with full details on this wiki.
  • The PDF file with the working groups has been send to you by e-mail. Please contact the seminar coordinator in case you have not received this information.
  • Please check this file and find your working group and your group members. You will be working with this group until the end of this seminar.
  • As soon as you know the number of your group, you can go to the working group page and find your group's page there.

Roles in the working group

The working group list proposes a distribution of roles. This basiscally aims to help you in the collaborative process. However, the roles are not fixed and you may agree within your group on changing them in case there are good reasons for this.

The roles are as follows:

    • Coordinator: The coordinator organises the group communication and arranges additional meetings (i.e. Skype or similar) during which group discussions can take place. He/she also needs to have the deadlines in mind and remind the other group members about these.
    • Manage Assignment 2: this person needs to take care that the concept map of the lecture is made. He/she may propose a draft to which to others can comment. Each group will prepare only one lecture concept map. You find the date of 'your' lecture in the group list.
    • Propose site for assignment 4: the last group assignment is to work on a collaborative planting desing proposal. This person is supposed to propose a potential site to the group. This site my related to the cases presented in assignment 3.

What are the next steps now?

  • Assignment 3 has now started, so you are asked to document an 'image of nature' from your personal context until 4th of December.
  • This process should be accompanied by communication within your group. Please document stepwise so that your group members get at change to learn from your case.
  • Important: The group list gives you an ID (A,B or C). This relates to your working group page - there you can find a link to the template of your case. Please use this template for documenting your case.
  • There are a few groups with four participants, these have a fourth role related to the feedback.
  • An 'image of nature' can be any planting design or vegetation structure. It might be on a local scale in your direct vicinity or be a part of a wider landscape structure. It can also be a problematic case - you do not need to document success, it can also be an example of failure. It is important that you have a personal interest in this case.
  • you may arrange an online meeting with your group members soon, so you can get to know each other better.