Planting Design Assignment 3: Images of Nature in your Environment

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Time frame

  • assigned: 23th of October
  • submission: 3rd of December
  • presentation: 4th of December (online in parallel groups=

Task Description

This is an individual assignment and the results will be discussed primarily in the small groups.

Each student will prepare a wiki page according to a joint template. The page will describe a case related to the participant's personal environment being it urban or rural.

The case could be a specific site in direct vicinity or a larger area in his/her region. The objective is to identify images of nature in the form of vegetation structures. These can be planned or spontaneous, designed or natural, static or dynamic.

The case study pages will be prepared on the working group page and clustered according to the group formations.

The template is to be completed iteratively with weekly steps. These will be communicated by the seminar coordinator.