Minutes Wednesday, 27th of November 2013, Session 5

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Session Recording

Seminar theme 1

The aesthetics of natural succession in the FCUP wild garden


  • Paulo Farinha Marques|University of Porto|Portugal

Seminar recording

Seminar theme 2

New approaches in urban greenery from Greece and Serbia

Speaker: Andreas Nassos|VitaVerde Group

Seminar recording

Open questions on the assignment and the work process

  • We collected some upcoming questions on the group work during the session.
  • I have summarised the answers here: Open Questions 27.11.13.

Next steps: Assignment 2 - Concept Mapping of Lecture Topics

  • each working group will document one lecture in the form of a concept map. The dates for each group can be found in the PDF (working groups)
  • The lecture given on 20th of November by Swantje Duthweiler will be done by groups 4 and 14
  • The lecture given on 20th of November by Kristin Faurest will be done by group 24
  • This is to be completed until 3rd of December

  • The lecture given on 27th of November by Paulo Farinha Marques will be done by groups 5 and 15
  • The lecture given on 27th of November by Andreas Nassos will be done by group 25
  • This is to be completed until 11th of December

Next steps: Assignment 3 - Images of Nature in your Environment - Steps until the next session

Steps that should be completed now

  • Until this Wednesday 27th the section 'analytical sketches' should be completed

Steps due for the next session

  • until the next session (December 4) the following steps should be completed:
    • complete all remaining sections of your template
    • we encourage you to use hand-drawings, you can upload scans or photographs of those
    • do not use any material of which you do not hold the copyright
  • if you are unsure about what is to be understood by analytical sketches please look at these good practice cases:
  • Please also read the general instructions for the working groups

Outlook on the group presentation

  • on 4th of December we will have an interactive session and we hope that all groups are able to present their cases
  • each group presentation includes all cases of that group and you need to put all information on three slides (see instructions on the template below). Ideally, each member presents one slide.
  • due to the large number of participants we will work in 4 parallel sessions, each group has ten minutes, this includes the individual cases of each group
  • we are looking for one further volunteer who would be willing to moderate one of these sessions (everything will be prepared and you will be briefed, so don't be afraid, it is an important experience and competence)
  • for your presentation you will complete a powerpoint template, this can be found here
  • because of the time restrictions the presentations needs to concentrate on the conceptual approaches to planting design you have identified in your group
  • important:you need to submit your three PPT pages on Tuesday, December 3 because we will need the time on Wednesday for preparing the parallel rooms.
  • submission: Groups 1 - 15 please their file to Anna, Groups 16 - 30 please their file to Ellen

Seminar participants on Facebook

You may wish to join the Facebook group of this seminar.

Next session

  • Wednesday, 4th of December, 18 pm CET, Working groups report back