Minutes Tuesday, 27th of November 2012

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Session Recording

Seminar theme 1: Climate Change and Ecosystems

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Matthias Drösler, HSWT

Seminar Recording:

Seminar theme 2: Renewable Energies and Landscapes

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Markus Reinke, HSWT

Seminar Recording:

Tasks for the next session

  • Working group U to complete assignment 2 before December 3
  • Working groups G,H + T to complete assignment 2 before December 10

  • decide on your case study area and add the title and/or location of your study to your case study page
  • learn about wiki editing by checking the help page and practicing on your working group pages
  • check the resources for more information on the theme

Preparation for the next session

  • You may read the new brochure of the European Environment Agency on how to use scenarios to improve understanding of environment and security issues. Download full report