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International Initiatives and Documents

  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) read more
  • Climate Change Adaption in Europe The European Climate Adaptation Platform (CLIMATE-ADAPT) aims to support Europe in adapting to climate change read more
  • Gateway to the United Nations Systems Work on Climate Change
  • UN Climate Change TV

Research Projects

  • ClimUrb: Poverty and Climate Change in Urban Bangladesh read more
  • Climate Proof Cities and Infrastructure read more


  • European Environment Agency read more
  • CIPRA - International Commisson for the Protection of the Alps read more

Professional Initiatives

  • Landscape architecture and the challenge of climate change - Landscape Institute (UK) Position statement read more
  • Position of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects on Climate Change read more
  • International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Newsletter Perspectives on a Changing Climate read more

Books + Reports

  • The European Environment Agency: Urban Adaption to Climate Change in Europe, 2012 read full report
  • The European Environment Agency: Climate change, impacts and vulnerability in Europe 2012, 2012 read full report
  • Hungarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union: Handbook on Climate-Friendly Cities, 2011, read full report
  • Sustainable Energy Landscapes - Designing, Planning and Development, edited by Sven Stremke, Andy van den Dobbelsteen, 2012 read more
  • Stephen R.J. Sheppard: Visualizing Climate Change. A Guide to Visual Communication of Climate Change and Developing Local Solutions, Routledge, 2012, read more
  • Climate Adaptation and Flood Risk in Coastal Cities, Edited by Jeroen Aerts, Wouter Botzen, Malcolm Bowman, Philip Ward, Piet Dircke read more
  • Kirstin Dow, Thomas E. Downing: The Atlas of Climate Change - Mapping the World's Greatest Challenge, 3rd Edition, Routledge 2011, read more
  • Local Climate Change and Society, edited by M. A. Mohamed Salih, Routledg 2012, read more
  • Climate Change at the City Scale - Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation in Cape Town, edited by Anton Cartwright, Susan Parnell, Gregg Oelofse, Sarah Ward, Routledge, 2012 read more
  • Planning for climate change: a strategic, values-based approach for urban planners, UN-Habitat Report, 2011, view full document
  • Cities and Biodiversity Outlook A Global Assessment of the Links between Urbanization, Biodiversity, and Ecosystem Services, Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (2012), read full report
  • Learning to live with floods, Asia Pacific Housing Journal, Volume 6 No. 18, 2012 read full report
  • Suwanarit, Asan: Building living landscapes-future developments must respect nature, Asia Pacific Housing Journal, Volume 6 No. 18, 2012 read full report
  • Robert Gifford: The Dragons of Inaction - Psychological Barriers That Limit Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation, May–June 2011, American Psychologist
  • Swarming Landscapes - The Art of Designing For Climate Adaptation, by Roggema, Rob (Ed.), Springer, 2013 read more

Urban Climate in relation ot Design and Planning

Sanda Lenzholzer’s selected publications on the topic:

  • Lenzholzer, S., and Brown, R.D. (2013, accepted) Climate-Responsive Landscape Architecture Design Education, Journal of Cleaner Production, doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2012.12.038
  • Lenzholzer, S. (2012) Research and design for thermal comfort in Dutch urban squares, Resources, Conservation & Recycling , 64, pp. 39-48.
  • Ren, C., Spit, T., Lenzholzer, S., Yim, H. L. S., van Hove, B. H., Chen, L., Kupski, S., Burghardt, R., *Katzschner, L. (2012), Urban Climate Map System for Dutch spatial planning, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 18 (1):207-221.
  • Lenzholzer, S. and Wulp, N.Y. (2010) Thermal experience and perception of the built environment in Dutch urban squares. Journal of Urban Design 15 (3), pp. 375-402.
  • Lenzholzer, S. and Koh, J. (2010) Immersed in Microclimatic Space- Microclimate Experience and Perception of Spatial Configurations in Dutch Squares, Landscape and Urban Planning 95 (1-2), pp.1-15.

Other selected publications on the topic:

  • Brown, R. D., Gillespie, T. J., 1995, Microclimatic landscape design : creating thermal comfort and energy efficiency, Wiley, New York [etc.], pp. 193.
  • Littlefair, P. J., 2000, Environmental site layout planning: solar access, microclimate and passive cooling in urban areas, CRC BRE Publications, London, pp. VIII, 151 p;.
  • Stuttgart, A. f. U., 2008, Climate Booklet for Urban Development, Ministry of Economy Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart.