Minutes Tuesday, 25th of November 2014

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Seminar theme

Seminar slides and recording

Map of Seminar Participants

  • View the participants' map here.
  • Please add your location if you have not done it yet.

Green Infrastructure Exercises and Learning Resources

  • Check out our interactive learning resources here

Next working steps for active participants

Assignment 2 - Lecture concept mapping

  • groups D (Gary Austin), groups E and P (Paulo Pellegrino) and groups F and Q (Tom Butler) work on Assignment 2

Assignment 3 - Green Infrastructure potential in your environment

  • Complete your case study template for assignment 3
  • Prepare your group presentation on the basis of this template
  • Time frame for each group is: 2 slides per individual case (see template), 2 minutes per slide so 4 minutes per case. 4 cases make 15 minutes approx. + 2 minutes for the comparative analyis. Then we add 5 minutes for discussion - so the maximum time per group is 25 minutes.
  • each group should organise an additional online meeting for finalising the comparative analysis (last slide of the template)
  • practice your presentation of the two slides with a clock to make sure that you can keep the time limit. It is highly recommended to practice this as a group via Skype, so you can give each other feedback.
  • the presentation on December 2 will be organised in 4 parallel slots in the Connect room
  • Important: you need to submit your presentation on December 1 latest. Please send it per e-mail (preferably with web transfer) to Ellen and Anna. We need Tuesday morning for preparing the sessions and adding the presentations to the parallel rooms.
  • Group coordinators have been defined for each group, they are of course supposed to coordinate this process. Please cooperate as best as possible.

Next session

  • December 2, 2014, 6 pm CET
  • Working groups present assignment 3