Minutes Tuesday, 13th of January 2015

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Session Recording

Seminar theme

  • Green structures and energy-efficient buildings lecture by Nicole Pfoser|visiting professor at HfWU Nürtingen-Geislignen|DE

Seminar slides and discussion recording

Map of Seminar Participants

  • View the participants' map here.
  • Please add your location if you have not done it yet.

Green Infrastructure Exercises and Learning Resources

  • Check out our interactive learning resources here

Next working steps for active participants

Assignment 2 - Lecture concept mapping

  • group J works on Assignment 2,lecture by Paul Lincoln, submission: 19.01.15
  • group K works on Assignment 2, lecture by Nicole Pfoser, submission: 26.01.15

Assignment 4 - Collaborative design

  • Within your group you need to decide with which case you wish to continue, select one of the 4 group cases
  • Your working group page has a link to the collaborative design template. You can copy the first chapters from the previous template
  • Start with the joint analysis: each group member needs to add one thematic analyis and prepare an analytical drawing. Add all drawings to the section 'Analytical Drawings'
  • Discuss your findings and different analysis methods
  • Start with projective drawings - how does each of you envision green infrastructure for this site? Share your ideas on the wiki and then do a comparative analysis/evaluation leading to a design synthesis. You can either prepare four overall ideas and synthezise them or let the group members develop four different aspects of the project and then put those together to a holistic design.
  • Please use this template for the final presentation on January 27

Next session

January 20, 2015, 6 pm CET

  • Green infrastructure and governance lecture and discussion with Cecil Konijnendijk van den Bosch|SLU Alnarp|Sweden
  • Green infrastructure and disaster prevention – the role of microdrainage lecture and discussion with landscape architect 'Peter Coombs|xp solutions|UK