Minutes Tuesday, 11th of November 2014

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Session Recording

Seminar theme

Green Infrastructure Case Study: Stapleton, Denver Colorado USA

Speaker:Gary Austin|University of Idaho|US

Seminar slides and recording

Map of Seminar Participants

  • View the participants' map here.
  • Please add your location if you have not done it yet.

Next working steps

  • working groups are fixed now, each partipicant needs to identify his/her case study, the role in the group and contact the other members
  • groups B, C and N work on Assignment 2
  • Identify your case study page for assignment 3 and start documenting your site. Add the basic information (name, site, image and map location) to your case study page.
  • Complete the section 'Landscape and urban context' before November 18
  • Further information:Instructions for the working groups

Next session

  • Tuesday, 18th of November
  • Challenges for Green Infrastructure in Latin America: The case of Sao Paulo lecture and discussion with Prof. Dr. Paulo Pellegrino|University of Sao Paulo|Brazil
  • Green infrastructure and Wildlife connectivity Lecture and discussion with Lara Nunes, University of Lisbon|PT