Assignments Seminar Climate Change 2012

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Assignment 1: Concept Mapping of Seminar Theme

  • Assigned: Monday, October 15
  • Due: Monday, October 22

Assignment 2: Concept Mapping of Seminar Topics

  • Assigned: Tuesday, October 16 (distribution of themes)
  • Due: one week after respective presentation

Assignment 3: Collaborative Climate Adaption Project

  • Assigned: Tuesday, December 4
  • Due: Monday, January 7

Assignment 4: Post-seminar concept mapping

  • Assigned: Tuesday, January 22
  • Due: Monday, February 4

General issues about group work

In addition to the subjects of climate change and landscape architecture this seminar also intends to foster skills in intercultural communication, project management and organisation. Therefore, the participants haven been randomly distributed to small groups of three.

These small groups will stay together throughout the seminar and complete the assignments 1+2. In order to protect your privacy rights the names of the group members are not published publicly on this wiki. Each group has a wiki page for documenting the results of each assignment. Access to these pages is provided via the working groups page.