Assignment 2: Concept Mapping of Seminar Topics

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Assignment Start

  • Tuesday, 23rd of October


This assignment has two principal objectives:

  • To foster your reflection on the seminar theme
  • To train collaboration in a virtual environment

During the first session the seminar participants will be divided into small groups of three. The group members must be locally dispersed. The seminar themes (i.e. each presentation) will be distributed among the groups.

The small groups will be asked to reflect upon the presentation given within 14 days after the lecture was held. The results should be a WIKI page with a collaborative concept map and a short report summing up the groups' reflections.

Submission Format

  • Format: WIKI page with text part and concept map, additional illustrations

Related Group Task

  • Every group member is asked to comment on at least three of the reflections (using the discussion pages)

Submission Time

  • 14 days after lecture, submissions will be specified after distribution of themes and groups