Assignment 3: Collaborative Climate Adaption Project

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Assignment Start

  • Tuesday, 4th of December


The small groups from the 2nd assignment will continue working together on this task. The objective is to reflect jointly on the potential implications of climate change on a specific area. Landscape architecture interventions are to be formulated and designed accordingly.

The groups will decide individually on the area they wish to work with. This can be an area one of the group members is already familiar with because of study, work or private activities. But it could also be an area that is totally new to all members. In any case, the decision on the location needs to be communicated to the course coordinator until 4th of December.

The small groups design their collaboration process individually.

Project Presentation and Submission Format

  • you will document your case study in the form of a WIKI page, you can find them according to your group name on the working group page
  • this template is a basic format, you may adapt it according to your needs
  • some specifications are given for each chapter, these are also for orientation and can be further developed according to your needs and discussion

For the plenary presentation:

  • Three PPT slides with a short presentation of the project, to be presented in the January sessions (one slide per person).

Submission Time

  • Monday, 13th of January