The Culture of Travel

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Between the Ferry and the Freeway: The Culture of Travel - Landscape protection and planning,

Romania by Sofian Moumene and Mihaela Silvas--> Back to Rural Landscapes Seminar Case Study List

Name The Culture of Travel
Location South-East Dobrogea
Country Roumania
Topic Landscape assesment and planning
Office University of Agronomy And Veterinary Medicine, Department Of Landscape Architecture
Case study author(s) Moumene Sofian, Silvas Mihaela
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<googlemap version="0.9" lat="44.09" lon="27.45" zoom="7" width="300" height="200">

44.098944, 27.535684 Bucharest </googlemap>

Rationale: Why is this case study interesting?

  • The case study is the subject of my final project as a student. The methodology is of interdisciplinary analysis made on the area concerning the natural, social, economical, historical,

cultural aspects, which, after providing an educated understanding of these aspect, offers the possibility of assessing the different landscapes of the area. All the analysis are done by my self and my colleague. There for there might be some oversights when it comes to the subtlety of the, let's say, economical or social aspects.

  • Since we choose the subject of our case study we are very keen on showing how interesting and unique are these landscapes. that might make us, despite our best efforts, a bit subjective. I think that a fresh perspective might show some issues that we mist when assessing the landscape.
  • If you want to know where the site is located please click on this link: [1]

Author's perspective

  • I am a student in my final year. I'm using the assessment methodology that we have used in other school projects. the goal is to have a complete understanding of the area that is studied and after identifying the main problems to find the best ways to address them.

Landscape and/or urban context

  • Biogeography, cultural features, overall character, history and dynamics

The area is located in south-east Romania, in the historical region of Dobrogea. It has been inhabited since the first roman colonist arrived here in the first centuries AD. There are a number of archeological monuments that prove that, part of the national inheritance. It is divided in 6 "comune"-local administrative units, that contain 2 or more villages. the nearest towns are Cernavoda, Baneasa, Calarasi and Silistra- which is actually in Bulgaria. The area is the 5th most important vineyard of the country, and also one of the biggest provider of fish food.

Illustration: Map; sketches; short descriptive analyses

Cultural/social/political context

  • Brief explanation of culture, political economy, legal framework

Illustration: Bullet points, image, background notes


  • How did the area/project/plan at the focus of the case study evolve?

Illustration: Table or time line

Spatial analysis of area/project/plan

  • What are the main structural features?
  • How has it been shaped? Were there any critical decisions?

Illustration: Map/diagram/sketches photos and background notes

Analysis of program/function

  • What are the main functional characteristics?
  • How have they been expressed or incorporated?

Illustration: Map/diagram/sketches photos and background notes

Analysis of design/planning process

  • How was the area/project/plan formulated and implemented?
  • Were there any important consultations/collaborations?

Illustration: Map/diagram/sketches photos and background notes

Analysis of use/users

  • How is the area/project/plan used and by whom?
  • Is the use changing? Are there any issues?

Illustration: Map/diagram/sketches photos and background notes

Future development directions

  • How is the area/project/plan evolving?
  • Are there any future goals?

Illustration: Map/diagram/sketches photos and background notes

Peer reviews or critique

  • Has the area/ project/plan been reviewed by academic or professional reviewers?
  • What were their main evaluations?

Pleas add references, quotes...

Points of success and limitations

  • What do you see as the main points of success and limitations of the area/project/plan?

Illustration: Summary table

What can be generalized from this case study?

  • Are there any important theoretical insights?

Short statement plus background notes

Which research questions does it generate?

Short statement plus background notes

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