The Ataturk Forest Farm near Ankara, Turkey

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Place Ankara
Country Turkey
Author(s) Ege Kaska, Serdal Coşgun, Yalcin Yildirim
Project start 1920
Completion '
World Heritage '
Client '
Project costs '

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<googlemap version="0.9" lat="39.954096" lon="32.800541" zoom="13" width="400" height="300" >39.936724, 32.776852, AFFAFF</googlemap>

Rationale: Why is the case study interesting?

  • Reclamation with technical insurance
  • Soil reclamation with planting
  • Modern farm assosiation
  • A stage education between farmer-university
  • Recreational planning
  • An open-green space which is used for integral

of city about urban planning

  • Climate planning
  • There is a long period of land use with public


  • Atatürk aimed a goal which is the people’s

recreative actions and taking fresh air,evergreen and a nature beauty.And The AOC was established for a modern farm.

Author's perspective

First of all it was a successful project..

  • For recultivate of corn species;researching new ruins/species which is suitable its region,introduce to public and extend them..
  • Researching the new animal species,if it is success,introducing to public.
  • Give some values to the agriculture ruins, introducing to public.
  • Manufacturing domestic and outline fruits for surviving them and introducing to public.
  • An important source of income to viticultures.
  • Planting jobs with scientific methods,making artificial woodlands and forests.
  • Establishing a nursery which provides fruit and vegetables products.
  • Working a big workshop for machine agricultures.
  • Practic course for learning of agricultures.
  • Showing a new cooperative methods for selling the products firstly.

Cultural landscape context

  • Biogeography, cultural features, overall landscape character, history and dynamics

Illustration: Map; sketches; short descriptive analyses

Socio-political context

  • First of all,it was established the capital of Turkey
  • It provides a process between traditional and modernism
  • Some uses the first of the country,for example;Swimming pool,recreational ways,roads..
  • It showed that the public’s uses/habitition means is social revolution.

Spatial analysis of area/project

  • Size; First time 20.000 acres..
  • Geoposition; In the capital of Turkey.
  • Current uses; Most of parts urbaning process,less of part zoo and less of part recreational uses..
  • Site management; In the city an administrator place
  • Future plans;Creating a safari park (!)

Analysis of idea/program/function ("Planning Objective")

Making some revision to the areas,decreasing large city impression to the area,and adopted from old methods to new uses..

Analysis of design/planning process ("Process Biography")

AOÇ(AFF) was established for Atatürks request in 5th of 1925 in Ankara.It provides with a bid.It was designed by the popular designers.This area an important point of Hermann Jansen’s planning..Before dying of Ataturk,he grant this land to the Turkish People..After 1950s,land loses has started till now,and it goes on the same speed..

Analysis of use/users

The area uses needless positions now.Most of place under the nonfunctional or land demolition position.Also Local management and other users increase of the demolition because of the annuity.But against of all these negative situaition,AOC struggle the life with some good usages-zoo,recreative etc.-..

Future development directions

AOÇ can change both management and users,or balance to conservation.If it happens,we can gain the real AOÇ.. Beside most professional discipline in common work and make this area revision

Peer reviews or critique

  • If AOÇ area is sustain a loss for wrong usage, this area has got natural resource.
  • Still this area is lung of city.
  • Most of people visit AOÇ area at holiday and weekend.

Successes and limitations


  • History import
  • Open green space area
  • Put to good account recreaction area for public
  • Have got legal arrangement
  • High economic
  • Vegetatif diversity
  • Easement of access for Vehicle


  • Urbanization airmail edition
  • Commercialization for area
  • Area user education
  • Local government vision
  • Commercial field airmail adition

What can be generalized from this case study?

  • If we introduction and emphasize the importance AOÇ area, we make a contribution for revision.
  • We show new area for a lot of tourist travel
  • We accent professional ethic.

What research questions does it generate?

Short statement plus background notes

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