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Telemannstrasse, open space in a residential area

Name Telemannstrasse
Location Hamburg
Country Germany
Authors Ásgeir Rafn Birgisson
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Short Introduction to the Area of Study

On my way to the park where I have my walks I came across this open area, with playgrounds on each side. This area separates Telemannstrasse so Cul-de-sac's form.

Telemannstrasse can be found in the Eimsbüttel area of Hamburg. It is close to a U-station and local services.

The area is a little bit run down but has potential for locals to meet. The playgrounds surrounding this area are used by children, dog people and adults.

In a densely populated area like Hamburg, open areas are very important to people. Open spaces need to be accessible for people to enjoy and use. Open spaces in cities are very important to me, and I enjoy to experience different spaces in different cities. They tell you so much of the local culture and it's "clients". The people of Hamburg use open spaces a lot, for relaxation, human interaction and sports.

Exercise 1: Sketching the Landscape

Time frame: October 25 - November 15, 2011

Student activities:

  • Creation of analytical drawings and sketches
  • Presentation of results

Please upload a selection of your drawings/sketches/mental maps and add them to the image gallery

Sketches and Drawings

Exercise 2: Landscape Layers

Time frame: November 15 - 29, 2011

  • time based changes and 'landscape biography', and/or:
  • topography, open spaces, built, green, traffic and water structures on different layers. *Definition of zones with coherent character
  • Description of this character.

By comparing maps from different times you can see that the construction plots were occupied by buildings. In 1961 the local government decides to reserve one plot for a playground, and make room for a private playground belonging to the school nearby. Between 1961-now a second plot is cleared for a playground and the street (Telemannstrasee) is closed off thus making it a dead end street. I find it very interesting that the Hamburg government decided on a open-for-all playground in 1961 and then expanded upon that in time. You could say that development in cities is to condense and build more but for some reason, building were torn down and an open space was built instead.

Exercise 3: Behaviour Patterns

Time frame: December 6 - 20, 2011

  • People in this area seem to pass it by mostly. Children and dog walkers have been using this area them most during my observation.
  • The people I've talked to today seem to be fairly content with the place. I spoke to parents with their children and they take their children to playground 2 often. I asked why not playground 1 and they told me the children are more excited about playground 2. They had no idea why the street was closed and haven't really thought about it until I asked them.

Please publish your findings here


Exercise 4: Communication Concepts

In one of the playground area I would like to put up posters in one of the playgrounds with information on how to improve upon the area.

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