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Milkana & Natalia: I like the fact that both use your own style to show the same places but from different views and taking into consideration different aspects.- Sebastian SN (Blegrano R Station)

Sebastian: Thank you very much for your comment. This have been a learning experience on different methods on how to approach to a study case. (Natalia Vergara)

Milkana & Natalia: Your research is on a very high level, well presented very readable, and done with great engagement, really all the best words for you. (Dragana Romic)

Dragana; Thank you very much for your comment :) I have learn a lot from this study case!!!!!! Thanks!!!! (Natalia Vergara)

Dear Milkana & Natalia: I find your work excellent! Honestly I find every sketch and map very characteristic and stylish! You answer every question by your maps. Congrats! (Isin Barut)

Dear Isin, Thank you very much for ur comment!!! (Natalia Vergara)

Dear Milkana and Natalia, I liked your communication concept. It is attractive and a good way to make people remember the case study area. ( Isin from passing landscape:) )

I hope it's not too late, but here's another idea for enhancing the opportunity in the area - check out! to see the piano stairs which managed to attract even more people to use this type of facility in their way to reach the surface, rather than the elevator. (Wendy from Residential Areas)