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Dear Alessandro, good work, Greetings, Ellen

Layer Analysis

Dear Alessandro, your analysis is very clear and it is a very good idea to show first the structures of Maastricht as a whole and then get into detail with your area. I guess you have received good data from the office. I am wondering about the big bridge west of your area - is it for traffic only or are pedestrians able to cross it? I think the river Maas could give a good impression from there.

There seems to be another green area starting over the bridge to the west. So in terms of green connections - can people go by bike through you area, then cross the bridge and enter this other green area to got into the direction of the city center?

Did you find any information about how the area looked like 100 years ago? Maybe green land with cows?

What is your interpretation from these layers - did you identify anything new?

Best wishes


Dear Ellen,

Thank you for the feedback. I did not collect much data from the office, the work is the outcome of my personal perception of the area. I tried to gather some old maps, however most images were a general representation of the whole city, the area was not well represented in the past. I tried to work better on the bridge's traffic in the Behaviour pattern assignment, in fact it is heavily used by cars, therefore there is no enjoyment of the beautiful view!

I included the green area you mentioned in the Behaviour pattern exercise. As you can see from the map and especially the movie the area is linked to my area, however it seem to be poorly used, at least in winter time. Overall I can say that the green environment is better developed in the old part of the city. It seems that the part surrounding my area went through a troubled planning time, the good part is that there's lot of space for improvement. Concerning the river Maas I have the impression is poorly used for everyday recreational purposes. The traffic layer shows a good planning of the city but a rather complicated one for the area I chose.

Best wishes,


Dear Ale

I like very much your idea very much because, it is simple, take the attention of people of different ages, is not expensive to build, media (TV, radio, internet) is not necessary to communicate it, and I am sure the people would identified very much.

Well done Ale

Pio Brown S