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Dear all,

Thanks for the additions you have made on the wiki. I still think that your drawings are very characteristic and give a good impression of the 'November' mood in Ankara. Also, the compilation of images is interesting, the first one shows very well the importance and permanence of the trees in Yüksel street, the same message is transported in your drawings. Do you have any information of people's attitude towards these trees? What is their age? What species is it?

It would also be interesting to learn something about the age of the buildings - do they date back to the first years of the Turkish republic or later and if they are younger - how did the street look like in the 1930's? Well, perhaps you will not have the time to find this information as we are currently concentrating on the behaviour mapping. I am just telling this to show that some questions remain open. Also, your map of Ankara shows only the highway ring and the river (I think this river is also mainly covered and not really accessible (?). It would be interesting to see the city's interesting topography and the relation of this quarter to the older parts of the city. Pedestrian areas seem to be popular in Ankara - but you very well point out that this is also a highly political area and that it is also controlled.

Your findings on people's behaviour will be very useful for learning more about this area.

Best wishes