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Dear participants,

Please use this page as a forum if you have questions concerning this assignment.

What should we do if says that our video is not available for seeing in the US?

Dear all, a short note concering assignment 2:

  • Please be sure that the video and presentation you give next week or the week after is based on a transect of your city/town and not on indiviual places throughout the city. You might have to move from one street to the other because there is not a single direct street from the center to the edge of your city but basically stay with the imaginary line you drew from the center to the edge of the city. The transect will give you the opportunity to address a lot of different aspects of your urban landscape.
  • Please note that the video and presentation you are preparing are not supposed to show the "best" or "nicest" places in the city but to analyse the change of an urban landscape from center to edge. Beside well working and nice places it will most likely also show some issues and problematic areas. These are at least as important as the nice ones as these are exactly the ones we have to address in landscape architecture. The transect approach done by all groups will allow to compare the transition between center and edge and the different zones in the participating cities.
  • As the video is short (7-10 minutes) you won't be able to show the whole transect but will have to decide which scenes are the most important ones - not necessarily the nicest but the most informative ones to represent what is going on in your city. The additional presentation you will prepare beside the video will give you the possibility to "complete" the picture of the transect, to address the change and all the important but "invisible" layers we had discussed in the past sessions and which are addressed in the literature you find on wiki.
  • Please create a tag called "Concepts of Landscape 2010" for your video on youtube.
  • Some students reported that youtube has refused to upload the sound in the video because of copyright issues. If you run into the same kind of problem, the following weblink offers free and not copyright protected sounds and loops. Check it out:

Looking forward to our little "movie show" next week!