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The historical area of Addiriyah offers a lot of potential for further uses. The fact that the government is planning to develop the area during the next years shows that the place is relevant for the community. One aim will be the support of social activities. This is in my opinion a very good approach.

We should mention, that Addiriyah is a UNESO World Heritage site, in particular the district TURAIF. MRRIYAH is an other district surrounding this WH site.(ED)

Keeping up activities and uses

Dear Dammam group,

First of all I have to say that I really like your drawings, they represent well the mood and the activities, and they have strong colours. I was not aware that this is UNESCO world heritage but apparently this vernacular urban structure is of great value.

But as you are mentioning already, the crucial point will be to also preserve - or re-interprete- the uses and activities that are characterising the place. Do you have any information if the agricultural uses are endangered? It seems that the palm trees are very important. A threat for a cultural heritage site is that they can become a theatre play of real life. Is the place highly frequented by tourists? Or better: what is the relationship between those that go to see the archeological site and this settlement - do the tourists come only occasionally or is there an organised functional relationship?

I recommend you add a link to the UNESCO world heritage website as they always give good and concise descriptions in English language [1]

Best wishes, Ellen Fetzer

Al-Mreeh Neighborhood

dear, ellen

i relly appreciate your comment it's encourage us to increase our effort.

i will try to answer your quastion.

first of all It's kind of you if you take a look about UNESCO world heritage link:

Almreeh development concept : 

To complete the natural and traditional environment unique to Direyah so that the neighborhood be exploited in accordance to the directives of the development program into a public park with full services and in harmony with its surrounding areas being implemented now . The neighborhood includes mud houses ,most of them on the verge of collapse. the same thing can be said about an old concrete mosque. Experts of the Direyah development program see the possibility of benefiting from the development of this neighborhood according to the following goals:

1-Designing the neighborhood as a public park. 2-Designing a distinct landmark or an activity to encourage visits. 3-Benefiting from the architectural fabric of the neighborhood.

if you have any quastion please let me know.

best regards


Replay 2

Dear ellen,

The Farms play a huge rule in the creation process for the whole area, if we look logically to addiriyah history and its tough nature we will see that the Bedouin choose this area to be their capital because its close to the water (Wadi Hanifa).

The agricultural uses/productivity are getting better after the wadi hanifa development. So whatever the projects that the government is working on, i think the farms will be always there as a main element, in the other hand there's some new unauthorized buildings (built without the gov. permission) that usually will be removed.

"Is the place highly frequented by tourists?"

The Awareness of this place is low, form my point of view this is also for most the tourism places in Saudi Arabia, the government started to develop it to attract more visitors those years.

Tourism is a main trend now, many places here started to take the government care, also the indigenous on those places started to accept tourists and understand the benefits.


Yousef AlBuhairi