Summary of key dates

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500 Ngāi Tahu decedents arrive from Polynesian, settle and establish the Maori culture
~1795 Ngāi Tahu first contact with Pākehā (European) sealers and whalers
1840 Treaty of Waitangi signed by Maori and British Crown
1850 Christchurch Settled
1862 Settlement of Lincoln Village began
1878 Lincoln School of Agriculture established
1969 Lincoln University begins to offer professional education in landscape architecture
1972 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects incorporated
1974 The Local Government Act 1974
1974 An Environmental Plan for Lincoln Village
1977 Town and Country Planning Act 1977
1986 Environmental Act 1986
1987 Conservation Act 1987
1989 Town and Country Planning Act 1977 amended and local government reformed
1989 New Zealand Education Act 1989
1990 Lincoln University becomes full and self-governing university
1991 Waitangi Tribunal findings on Ngāi Tahu land claim
1991 Resource Management Act 1991 (until notification of the new plan earlier District Schemes are collectively in force as the Selwyn Transitional District Plan)
1992 Crown Research Institutes (CRIs) established as Government-owned scientific businesses
1990’s Expansion of lifestyles and suburban development

Emergence of Lincoln tertiary /research cluster

1994 Inception of Ngāi Tahu Property Limited
1995 July Proposed Selwyn District Plan released by Selwyn District Council
1996 Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu Act (1996)
1996 Town and Country Planning Act 1977 amended requiring local authorities to develop ten-year strategic and capital works plans
1998 Proposed Selwyn District Plan withdrawn
1998 “Lincoln Township Questionnaire” commissioned by Selwyn District Council
1998 “Lincoln Townscape Plan” proposed by Lincoln Community Committee
October 1999-March 2001 “Lincoln - a Vision for our Future”
1999/2000 Redrafting of the Selwyn District Plan
2000 Proposed District Plan
2004 Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy initiated
2005 March Urban Design Protocol launched
2006 July Lincoln Envirotown officially launched by Minister for the Environment
2007 June Greater Christchurch Urban Development Strategy adopted by councils
2007 June Lincoln Structure Plan and ISMP Issues and Options Report
2007 July Proposed Change No.1 to the Regional Policy Statement - notified
June 2008 Selwyn Proposed District Plan operative (with exception of parts affected by submissions, appeals or unresolved designation issues)
2008 May Lincoln Structure Plan and Integrated Stormwater Management Plan adopted
Ngāi Tahu Property Limited is the largest developer in Lincoln and South Island of New Zealand