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Rosia Montana, Transsylvania, Romania by Oana Baloi

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Name Rosia Montana
Location Rosia Montana - Transilvania
Country Romania
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Case study author(s) Oana Baloi
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Rationale: Why is this case study interesting?

This case presents the economical issues that affect nature, lanscape and people. It is a sugestion of other way of rural development in a comunity of "gloden interes".

There are real events that happend. It is a good example of "do not". Even if surface minier exploatation is an very obvious danger, unfortunately the economical interes coveres the environmental impact.

Author's perspective

  • What theoretical or professional perspective do you bring to the case study? Please answer from your personal perspective.

As a mountain rural landscape, Rosia Montana has many opportunities for curtural tourism. I now a song that sed: "we are borne with nothing, we die with a lot of love, everything else is just borrowed". When you borrow something you take care of it and use it properly. I now we can use Rosia Montana landscapes to promote natural beautiness, and also to promote domanins of creativity as land art for example.

Landscape and/or urban context

  • Biogeography, cultural features, overall character, history and dynamics

The village of Rosia Montana contains hundreds of households, a historical centre with beautiful architecture, various administrative and social-cultural buildings, memorial houses, a mining museum with a unique collection of ancient artifacts, an archaeological reservation and many geological wonders and the incredible deep roots of our history. Many local activities activities started to stagnate in 2002, when Gabriel Resources changed the land use plans and turned Rosia Montana into an industrial area; exclusively reserved for the mine proposal. They put in danger 5 mountains�a unic national patrimony�, 10 churches, 9 cemeterys,�958 households = 2150 people Rosia Montana trough all his natural riches has a big capability of developing, putting in value all the lanscapes, traditions and the inheritances got from ancient times.

Servus Oana - Salutari din partea bucurestenilor. Iti uram multa bafta cu proiectul tau.

Illustration: Map; sketches; short descriptive analyses

Cultural/social/political context

  • Brief explanation of culture, political economy, legal framework

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  • How did the area/project/plan at the focus of the case study evolve?

Illustration: Table or time line

Spatial analysis of area/project/plan

  • What are the main structural features?
  • How has it been shaped? Were there any critical decisions?

Illustration: Map/diagram/sketches photos and background notes

Analysis of program/function

  • What are the main functional characteristics?
  • How have they been expressed or incorporated?

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Analysis of design/planning process

  • How was the area/project/plan formulated and implemented?
  • Were there any important consultations/collaborations?

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Analysis of use/users

  • How is the area/project/plan used and by whom?
  • Is the use changing? Are there any issues?

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Cross-cutting questions

Why is participation important?

In which ways does tourism effect on the local identity?

Which are the mutual influences for protected areas and cultural landscapes and tourism and how can they coexist?

What are the tasks of the management?

Future development directions

  • How is the area/project/plan evolving?
  • Are there any future goals?

Illustration: Map/diagram/sketches photos and background notes

Peer reviews or critique

  • Has the area/ project/plan been reviewed by academic or professional reviewers?
  • What were their main evaluations?

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Points of success and limitations

  • What do you see as the main points of success and limitations of the area/project/plan?

Illustration: Summary table

What can be generalized from this case study?

  • Are there any important theoretical insights?

Short statement plus background notes

Which research questions does it generate?

Short statement plus background notes

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