Planting Design Seminar Open Questions 20.11.13.

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About the author's perspective chapter: some are writing about the owner of the case study some are writing about themselves regarding landscape architecture background. Can you give us more info about this chapter?

  • The idea is to give the reader an information about who has written this case study. So you should explain your personal desciplinary and/or professional background. This informs the reader about the perspective from which the case study has been written.

What do you mean by planting schemes in assignment 3? Do you mean layouts, softscape layouts, general ones, or any related drawings for the project?

  • I do not remember where I mentioned planting schemes. Of course, you should find a way of representing how vegetation is organised in your case but this does not necessarily have to be a technical drawing. You are invited to use sketches, schemes or drawings for illustrating this context.

What is the template in which the ppt presentations should be submitted?

  • I will send this out with my next e-mail. Basically you will produce three slides. More on this per e-mail.

Trouble with google map

  • It seems the extension is not working any more, but there is an older code that works. I will send it to you in my next e-mail so you can adjust your page.

So will propose an intervention for the area of the "image of nature" assignment 3?

  • Let's call it a future development perspective, which can include an intervention of course. By this you can show your group members, and us, how you would approach a planting design/vegetation management issue in the context your have proposed. You can keep this simple with drawings and sketches, please keep it on the conceptual level.

About assignment 2, what do we feed back to the other group before Dec. 6th? thanks.

  • The feedback should primarily include the work done on assignment 3. Please comment on the work the group has done, give some suggestions, be honest and constructive of course.

I just wanted to know if the task for today was only to continue filling the individual case study.

  • Yes, and the joint design task will follow in December.