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Name Gemeinschaftszentrum Heuried
Place Döltschiweg 130 / Zürich
Country Switzerland
Author(s) Berchtold.Lenzin
Completion 2010
Client City of Zurich
Project costs app. 950.000 chf
[<googlemap version="0.9" lat="47.367308" lon="8.503439" zoom="17" width="300" height="300" controls="small">

47.367252, 8.503704 GZ Heuried </googlemap>]

Rationale: Why is this case interesting?

The planners and stakeholders involved the youth of the district, although the capital expenditure of this project wasn't very huge. This was possible because the city of Zurich has a department for social concerns that has a program for children and youth participation Mega!Phon. This group organized a workshop for the children to bring in their ideas for the community center.

Author's personal background

Since 2002, parallel to the general qualification for university entrance, I am working in the landscaping company of my father. In 2009, I got my in landscape architecture, with main focus on object planning. During the study I did an internship at WES&Partner, in Hamburg, and now for the IMLA at Berchtold.Lenzin, Zurich.

Process Biography Scheme

Process biography scheme GZ Heuried

Who initiated the project and why?

The community center in Heuried was founded in the 1960's. The founders wanted a natural playing ground for their children. The main reason was that the playground doesn't explict the securtity norms today, so the GSZ decided to renovate the center, which was historically always good accepted. The stakeholders decided that the public participation is really important to guaranty the acceptance of the people.

When was public participation most intensive?

At the beginning of the project was the public participation most intensive.

Which participation tools have been applied?

Mega!Phon organized a workshop in the community center where the children an parents of the district drew and tinker their thoughts. The landscape architects integrated a lot of their ideas in the concept design and finally in the build project. For example, the kids tinker a friendship-swing, nearly as it was build by the landscape architects and playground planner

On which level of participation?

First MegaPhon set up an informational event. Then, they organized the workshop to find out new ideas and to see want the youth wan, which was fully community controlled (high level of participation).

During the planning process there were meetings of the leadership with the planners(co-operation). And afterwards there was a informational festival for the whole district (feedback and information).

Which stakeholders have been involved?

The Citizens in the district, especially children and the youth had been involved. The leadership of the community center also had contributed their ideas during the planning process.

Have there been any festivities in order to involve the public?

The workshop at the beginning of the project made the anacrusis. During the planning process and implementation there haven't been any festivities. But after the implementation was a great reopening festival.

Who made the major decisions and when?

The leadership of the community center, some reps of the GrünStadt Zürich and the landscape architect made the major decisions for the concept and final design in the spring 2006. But as previsouly described most ideas were brought in by children and their parents. All cost relevant changes had to be authorized by the GSZ. Back to top

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