Minutes Wednesday, 6th of November 2013, Session 2

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Session Recording

Seminar theme

The Dutch way of thinking about nature, the role of plants and planting design


  • Jan van Merriënboer, senior lecturer planting design & dendrology
  • Jeroen de Vries, senior lecturer landscape architecture, both University of Applied Sciences, VHL Velp, NL

Seminar recording

Next steps steps for the working groups

Assignment 2 - Concept Mapping of Lecture Topics

  • each working group will document one lecture in the form of a concept map. The dates for each group can be found in the PDF (working groups)
  • The lecture given on 30th of October by Olaf Kühne will be done by groups 1,11 and 21
  • The lecture given on 6th of November by Jan van Merrienboer and Jeroen de Vries will be done by groups 2,12 and 22
  • You can add the concept map to your working group page
  • This is to be completed within two weeks until 19th of November

Assignment 3 - Images of Nature in your Environment - Steps until the next session

  • each group member has an own template on the working group page
  • until the next session (November 13th) the following steps should be completed:
    • decide on the case you want to document
    • add title and details to the template
    • add one representative image and adjust the map
    • complete the first chapter 'Rationale - Why is this case interesting?'
  • Please also read the general instructions for the working groups

Seminar participants on Facebook

You may wish to join the Facebook group of this seminar.

Next session

  • Wednesday, 13th of November with MaryCarol Hunter (US) and Heike Kaiser (Israel)