Minutes Wednesday, 11th of December 2013, Session 7

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Session Recording

Planting design in Israel (2)


Seminar recording

Next steps: Assignment 2 - Concept Mapping of Lecture Topics

  • each working group will document one lecture in the form of a concept map.
  • The lecture given on 11th of December by Heike Kaiser will be done by groups 6, 16 and 26
  • This is to be completed until 25th of December

Next steps: Assignment 3 - Images of Nature in your Environment

  • Documentation: Please save the Powerpoint slides as JPGS (save as--> select jpg), upload them to the wiki and add them to your working group page. A template for this has been added to your page.
  • Feedback: Each group is supposed to give feedback to another group. This has been distributed randomly. You find your 'pair' on the working group list that has been send to you at the beginning of the seminar.
    • the feedback should ideally represent ideas from all group members
    • the feedback needs to be written on the discussion page of the respective working page. You find the tab 'discussion' on each page.
    • please try to comment on all elements the group has produced so far. If you are critical (which is ok), be also constructive.
    • this task is already overdue, please finish within the next days

Next steps: Assignment 4 - Collaborative Design

  • a template for the collaborative design has been added to your working group page
  • you may ask yourself which site you should be working on. There are two alternatives:
    • You choose one of the cases you have already worked on. The advantage is that there is already material on it but the disadvantage is that one person has substantially more knowledge about the site than the others. This may lead to difficulties in the collaborative process (or not).
    • You decide on a new case and start from scratch. This might be a bit more demanding in the beginning because you would need to document a new landscape context. But in the end it might be better for the group because you are more equal.
  • In any case, you should make a decision on which case to work with until the next session (December 18). Until then, the first section of the template also needs to be completed.

Next session

  • Wednesday, 18th of December, 18 pm CET
  • Perspectives from Italy with Maria Beatrice Andreucci, Rome La Sapienza
  • New German Style, lecture by Nora Johanna Huxmann, Kassel University