Minutes Tuesday, 22nd of January 2013

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Session Recording and Materials

Seminar theme: Working with climate change through ecologically resilient planting design

Speaker: Lecture by Dr. MaryCarol Hunter|University of Michigan, USA

Seminar Recording:

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Tasks for the next session

Assignment 2

  • Working group O to complete assignment 2 before January 28
  • Working groups Q + R to complete assignment 2 before February 4

Assignment 3

  • prepare for your presentation talks
  • the time limit has been extended to 10 minutes
  • we will have two parallel presentation slots
  • however, take care that you keep this limit (you may test beforehand)
  • preferably, all group members should present one slide
  • please use headphones during presentation to avoid echo effects

Assignment 4

  • please start revising your pre-seminar concept map
  • more details here
  • post-seminar concept maps can be submitted by e-mail until February 4

Preparation for the next session

  • The next session will be on January 28, usual time. We will meet in two parallel groups for the presentations.