Minutes Tuesday, 15th of January 2013

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Session Recording and Materials

Seminar theme: Designing Urban Climate Speaker: Lecture by Dr. Sanda Lenzholzer|WUR Wageningen, NL

Seminar Recording:

Sanda Lenzholzer’s selected publications on the topic:

  • Lenzholzer, S., and Brown, R.D. (2013, accepted) Climate-Responsive Landscape Architecture Design Education, Journal of Cleaner Production, doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2012.12.038
  • Lenzholzer, S. (2012) Research and design for thermal comfort in Dutch urban squares, Resources, Conservation & Recycling , 64, pp. 39-48.
  • Ren, C., Spit, T., Lenzholzer, S., Yim, H. L. S., van Hove, B. H., Chen, L., Kupski, S., Burghardt, R., *Katzschner, L. (2012), Urban Climate Map System for Dutch spatial planning, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 18 (1):207-221.
  • Lenzholzer, S. and Wulp, N.Y. (2010) Thermal experience and perception of the built environment in Dutch urban squares. Journal of Urban Design 15 (3), pp. 375-402.
  • Lenzholzer, S. and Koh, J. (2010) Immersed in Microclimatic Space- Microclimate Experience and Perception of Spatial Configurations in Dutch Squares, Landscape and Urban Planning 95 (1-2), pp.1-15.

Other selected publications on the topic:

  • Brown, R. D., Gillespie, T. J., 1995, Microclimatic landscape design : creating thermal comfort and energy efficiency, Wiley, New York [etc.], pp. 193.
  • Littlefair, P. J., 2000, Environmental site layout planning: solar access, microclimate and passive cooling in urban areas, CRC BRE Publications, London, pp. VIII, 151 p;.
  • Stuttgart, A. f. U., 2008, Climate Booklet for Urban Development, Ministry of Economy Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart.

Tasks for the next session

Assignment 2

  • Working groups J + K to complete assignment 2 before January 21
  • Working group O to complete assignment 2 before January 28

Assignment 3

  • prepare for your presentation talks
  • the time limit has been extended to 10 minutes
  • we will have two parallel presentation slots
  • however, take care that you keep this limit (you may test beforehand)
  • preferably, all group members should present one slide
  • please use headphones during presentation to avoid echo effects

Assignment 4

  • please start revising your pre-seminar concept map
  • more details here
  • post-seminar concept maps can be submitted by e-mail until February 4

Seminar Evaluation

  • You will receive an invitation to do the seminar evaluation, please complete this anonymous form within the next 10 days

Preparation for the next session

  • The next session will be on January 22, usual time. Our speaker is MaryCarol Hunter from the university of Michigan.