Minutes Participation Plenary 2

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Round of Introductions

At the beginning we were repeating last week's round of introduction which resulted in a nice image on this map:

Participants localise themselves on the map

Theory Reading and Distribution of Themes

After this, the theory reading exercise was presented. The participants were asked to select a theme of the participation topic map. The result looked like this:

Participants choose a thematic field for their theory reading

The next step is now to select a reading in the respective section from the Literature and Resources Participation page. The participants will then transform the content of the text into a concept map. The results will be presented and discussed during the third theory session on November 17.

Seminar Lecture

After this, Diedrich Bruns gave his lecture on participation in relation to the European Landscape Convention. The session slides are available in the passport-protected area:

These are the participant's ideas on how to implement participation in planning

Lecture Recording

Please follow this link for listening to the seminar recording: