Minutes November 23, 2010

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Seminar schedule

Heike welcomed everyone to the fifth session, explained the agenda and pointed out the seminar schedule. You can find the overall seminar schedule here: Course schedule.

Guest lectures

The session continued with a guest lecture by Simon Bell, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tartu / Edinburgh College of Arts: Future Landscapes in Europe - Drivers, pressures and responses, accompanied by the following interactive participants' contributions:

The second guest lecture by Fernando Martinez Agustoni, BIOS Institute, Montevideo / Uruguay: The Sense on / of Landscape Design, will be postponed to one of the following sessions in December 2010 or January 2011.

Next steps

After the discussion, Heike reminded of the next steps according to Assignment 3.

Questions / Answers

In general, the students are asked to use their respective discussion page of the current assignment to ask questions. These sections will be checked by the group mentors on a regular basis.

Next online meetings

The next session will be on Nov 30, 2010, mainly consisting of student presentations (Groups 1-4) and a joint discussion. An additional session will be held on December 07, 2010 in order to provide time for the other student presentations (Groups 5-7) and an introduction into the new seminar block IV.

From December 14, 2010 the seminar will continue in Block IV - Landscape Concepts in comparision as follows:

Lecture Recording

Please follow these links for listening to the seminar recordings:

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