Minutes November 15 2011

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Discussions in Parallel Groups

This session was dedicated to presenting the sketches and drawings within the thematic small groups. For doing this, the plenary was divided into 7 parallel sessions in breakout rooms. Unfortunately, the group on 'urban streets' could not be established. We propose to look at the sketches of this group at the beginning of next week's session.

The breakout rooms were prepared with a presentation of the respective drawings. The challenge for the group was to organise the meeting without further previous technical instruction. Some recommendations on how to conduct the group work were given in advance. In general, all groups managed to present the drawings, to discuss and to draw some conclusions. All groups reported back to the plenary. Some students faced technical problems (echoes and lost connection to the system).

Tasks for the next session

Wiki Tasks

  • Please read the introductions of your group members' cases (and also of others, if you have time)
  • Please complete last week's tasks (summary, key image and google map link) on your case study page in case you have not been able to do this yet.
  • Complete your sketches and drawings
  • Sketches should be scanned and/or photographed, uploaded to the wiki and then added to the respective section on your wiki page. Please consider the help section in case you are unsure about how to add images.

General Aspects

  • Contact details of group members will be distributed within the next days as the group from Dammam still needs to indicate their thematic relations.