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Talk with Reinhard Doubrawa about Drawing Everyday Landscapes

Reinhard Doubrawa is an artist based in Cologne. He currently works at the architecture department of Bochum University of Applied Sciences, Germany. Reinhard gave us interesting insights into the tricky relationship of drawing as being both an activity and a visual product.

The recording is divided into two parts:

First Discussion on First Sketches

Many students have send some preliminary analytical drawings and sketches for discussion. The contributions showed a huge variety of approaches ranging from classical perspectives to bird eye views. This discussion on how drawings help expressing various aspects of the environment will be continued and deepened next week.

Tasks for the next session

Wiki Tasks

  • Please complete last week's tasks (summary, key image and google map link) on your case study page in case you have not been able to do this yet.
  • Make sketches and analytical drawings of your case study area
  • Sketches should be scanned and/or photographed, uploaded to the wiki and then added to the respective section on your wiki page. Please consider the help section in case you are unsure about how to add images.
  • Your contributions need to be available on the WIKI on Monday 14th in the afternoon latest, as we need to prepare the presentations for Tuesday

General Aspects

  • A framework on how to conduct the group discussion on Tuesday will be send out this week-end
  • Contact details of group members will be distributed after the next session
  • Please consider the help section first before you contact the seminar tutor for editing help.