Minutes November 01 2011

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Lecture on the History and Background of Landscape Assessment

This lecture was given by Kati Susi-Wolff from Aalto Universiy, Helsinki, Finland. The recording can be accessed through the link below:

First Discussion on Thematic Groups

The second part of the session was dedicated to discussing a first draft of potential thematic groups. The results of the discussion have already been included in the updated case study list.

Tasks for the next session

Wiki Tasks

  • The case study list has now links for each study area to individual pages.
  • For the next session you are asked to provide a 150 words summary of your study area and a google link.
  • Please also update the project image in the top right corner.
  • Please consider the help section first before you contact the seminar tutor for editing help.

Drawings and Sketches

You are invited to provide drawings and sketches already for the next session. As we have invited an artist for discussion it would be very fruitful to have a look at some of your drawings on that occasion. The focus should be on the question what a drawing can tell us about the environment.