Minutes Landscape and Democracy Seminar, Tuesday, 5th of January 2016

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Session materials

  • Emergency Landscapes - When policy forces landscape reflects lecture and discussion with Esra Al Najjar, Jordan/Palestine/Germany

Next working steps for active participants

Assignment 4 - Collaborative Project

Your participatory change model

During the coming weeks you are invited to imagine yourself as the designer of a process. This process should include the community in addressing the challenges you have identified.

Your approach should include the following elements:

  • a stakeholder map
  • a selection of tools and methods. Think about the needs of different stakeholder groups - you may need a methodical mix to address them all.
  • a scenario illustrating how these methods/tools can be applied within an imagined time frame

We compiled additional readings for this assignment in the online repository. This includes a broad presentation of possible tools and examples for scenarios.

Cross-cutting themes

  • identify topics (i.e. a question, or a challenge) that all the cases of your group have in common
  • add this topic to your own case and reflect on it with respect to your change model
  • in your final presentation you can present a synthesis of these reflections

Documentation and Presentation

  • all of these elements will be documented on the wiki in good time
  • your wiki templates have been extended with the respective sections
  • group presentations will be held on 26th of January 2016 in our seminar room

Next session

Tuesday, 12th of January 2016, 18 pm CET

  • Landscape Democracy of Everyday Spaces in Medellín’s Popular Settlements lecture and discussion with Dr. Eva Schwab, BOKU,Vienna