Minutes June 22, 2010

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In the beginning, Heike pointed out the schedule of this session according to the seminar structure and process.

Case Study Presentations

Cultural Landscapes: Education, research methods and approaches

  • Profession-based education

Ege Kaska, Serdal Cosgun, Yalçın Yildirim: The Ataturk Forest Farm near Ankara, Turkey

  • Multi-disciplinary education

Wendy-Laura Cinta: Banffy Castle

  • Interdisciplinary education

Roya Sabri: Rebuilding a Sustainable Image in a Cultural Landscape, Iran

Responses of cultural landscapes to changing natural processes

  • Climate change

John Sun,Ya Li: Transformation and reconstruction of BaiHua public garden, China

postponed to June 29, 2010:

  • Re-colonization of abandoned lands

Ieva Kiesnere: Restorating the history - Transformation of the city of Jelgava, Latvia

  • Impact of emerging need for sustainability

Derya Yazgi, Damla Tas Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia, Turkey


In the end, Heike announced the next seminar session which will be used for the final presentations of the following groups:

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