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In the beginning, Heike pointed out the schedule of this session according to the seminar structure and process.

Presentation of Concept Maps (Reading exercise)

The following Concept Maps from an article were presented:

The other concept maps still missing will be presented in the very last session on July 06. All concept maps of the Reading exercise are listed here

Student Case Studies (Publishing exercise)

Heike asked the seminar group for feedback regarding the exercise. Lack of time turned out to be the most prominent obstacle. She commented that the students should have told her or the seminar tutor so that the seminar schedule could have been changed. Moreover, she informed the audience that she had sent individual feedback for each case study to the participants by email.

Land8Lounge discussion group (Analysing exercise)

Due to the fact that the method of using the Land8Loung discussion group had turned out unsuccessful, Heike announced that this session was used to do the discussions on similarites and differences of the case studies in group work according to each thematic ECLAS field - as a necessary preparation for the final case study presentations taking place on June 22 and June 29.

Moreover, Heike asked for feedback according to this exercise. Also here, the lack of time turned out to be the most prominent obstacle for doing the assignment.

Division into ECLAS thematic groups

According to how the students listed their case studies into the thematic ECLAS fields, they were divided into basically two large groups. Andreia needed to be added (light blue arrow).

Comparative Analyses

Sorrowfully, none of the students had read other case studies except for their own one. Thus, the following discussion about similarities and differences according to the ECLAS subtopics needed to be altered: Each small group was asked to list important aspects that refer to these topics from their own cases.

Next steps and Outlook

In the end, Heike presented the next steps. There were no questions from the audience. Moreover, she announced the next seminar session which might take a little longer than 1,5h as two speakers are going to present cases from the Ruhr area.

Lecture Recording

There was no recording.

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