Minutes July 06, 2010

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In the beginning, Heike pointed out the schedule of this session according to the seminar structure and process.

Concept Map Presentations (Reading exercise)

The following Concept Maps from an article were presented:

Case Study Presentations (Publishing and Analysing exercises)

Technology as a driver of cultural landscape change

  • Dissappearing vernacular styles

Chengkang Ye, Yiting Wei: Transformation of the historical town of WuZhen, China

the following presentation did not take place:

  • Re-colonization of abandoned lands

Ieva Kiesnere: Restorating the history - Transformation of the city of Jelgava, Latvia

Seminar retrospect + evaluation

In the second part of the seminar, Heike presented a retrospect of the entire seminar with its aims and contents:

Moreover, she presented conclusions which were completed by the seminar participants:

Additionally, Heike asked the seminar participants if their expectations regarding this seminar were met:


In the end, Ellen announced the next LE:NOTRE online seminar which will most likely take place between October and November 2010 in cooperation with Clemson University and which might be extended until February 2011 in case of interest:

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