Minutes January 25, 2011

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Seminar schedule

Heike welcomed everyone to the last session (no. 12) and explained the agenda. You can find the overall seminar schedule here: Course schedule.

Seminar summary

As some students were having problems logging into Vitero, Heike started the session with the seminar summary first.

Seminar conclusions

Heike continued her presentation with showing examples of possible scenarios for European landscapes, divided into 8 groups and distinguished between rural, semi-urban, urban and ubiquitous level. The contents and illustrations were taken and translated into English from the publication: The German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS)/ The German Federal Office for Construction and Spatial Planning (BBR)(ed.). 2006. "Future Landscapes" - Perspectiven der Kulturlandschaft".

The highly recommended publication is available for download in short and long versions (German only) here.

Student presentations - Assignment 4: Landscape concepts in comparison

The session continued with the following student team presenting their concept map based on a comparison between landscape concepts from their cultural background and the landscape concept illustrated in a paper from the seminar resources:

After the presentation, there was a short discussion in order to clear misunderstandings derived during the presentations and to point out essential aspects.

Online evaluation

Following, Heike and Ellen presented and commented on some essential results from the recent online evaluation. You will be able to find the complete online survey here soon.

Feedback & Thanks

The session ended with a feedback round of all participants present. Heike, Ellen and Doris thanked all participants for their attention, participation and contributions throughout the whole course.

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