Minutes April 20, 2010

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Round of Introductions

After a short explanation of the LE:NOTRE seminar background, the participants were asked to localise themselves on the European and World maps and to introduce themselves by

  • name,
  • home town / country,
  • study level
  • intention for participating in this online seminar.

Seminar Lecture: Cultural Landscapes

The session started with an introductory lecture to (cultural) landscapes by Diedrich Bruns, Kassel University, dealing with

  • differing (incomplete) definitions of 'landscape',
  • the perception of landscape by people
  • the idea of space and place according to 'shaped' land
  • the perception and conception of values attached

The lecture was continued by Heike Kaiser, Kassel Universiy, illustrating

  • the origin of 'cultural landscape' as an academic term
  • the concept, definitin and categories of cultral landscapes according the the World Heritage Committee
  • the overall academic opinion

The slides are downloadable from the password-protected Moodle webpage from the link below, the password has been given to the seminar participants per e-mail.

Diedrich Bruns / Heike Kaiser: Cultural Landscapes: Preparing for the 2010 ECLAS Conference in Istanbul

These are the participant's contributions:

Seminar contents, expectations and learning objectives

In the following, Heike explained the academic link between seminar and 2010 ECLAS Conference in Istanbul and illustrated the seminar aims and contents. After asking the participants about their expectations, she summed up the learning objectives of the onlien seminar.

Seminar Process

After clearing the seminar contents and objectives, Heike introduced to the seminar structure and process.

Seminar WIKI, Reading exercise and next steps

After this, the Seminar WIKI was introduced. Participants are asked to register here with full name as soon as possible in order to be able to upload and edit their contributions.

In general, the students were requested to start thinking about an appropriate case study for their online documentation among the Student Case Studies. As soon as they have selected a familiar project, they can list it among the thematic fields by student name and project title. On May 11, 2010 there will be a Vitero session dealing with further instructions.

Apart from that, the Reading exercise was introduced shortly. The participants were asked as a next step to select an appropriate Topos article from the Resources by writing their full name behind the respective article. Alternatively, students can suggest other appropriate articles dealing with cultural landscapes in metropolitan regions to Heike. Until next week, all articles selected will be accessible or linked to the restricted Moodle webpage.

The next step will be to create a concept map according to the main contents of the article by using a common graphic program and then to upload the illustration to the respective thematic resources field. The results will be presented and discussed according to the thematic ECLAS fields during the sessions from May 11 - June 08.

A short question / feedback round proved that students had basically understood the functionality of the WIKI and the next steps.

Note:' Please make your decision about the Reading exercise soon as we intend to proceed with introducing to the Minute exercise in the next week's meeting!

Lecture Recording

Please follow this link for listening to the seminar recording:

Unfortunately there was a problem, so the full introductory lecture is missing.

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