Landscape and Democracy: Collaborative Project

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Time Frame

  • assigned: Tuesday, 1st of December
  • submission: Monday, 25th of January
  • presentations: Tuesdays, 26th of January (online in parallel groups)

Task Description

After having reflected on each other's case studies you are invited to envision a democratically-based change model for your case. You are supposed to develop a strategy for enganging the community in order to solve the landscape challenge that has been identified. Your strategy may involve participatory methods/approaches as well as communication and governance models.

This assignment is collaborative. This means that you work jointly on developing approaches for your cases. Please identify cross-cutting aspects/questions between your cases and include comparative analysis and reflection. Your presentation should include a synthesis of your comparative observations.

Your approach needs to include:

  • a stakeholder map
  • a selection of tools and methods
  • a scenario illustrating how these methods/tools can be applied within an imagined time frame

Project Presentation and Submission Format

  • the results will be added on the respective case study wiki page
  • For the plenary presentation: Three PPT slides with a short presentation of the project, to be presented in the January sessions (one slide per person).