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LANDMAP assessment in Neath-Port Talbot, Wales by Andrew Butler

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Rationale: Why is this case study interesting?

Although the Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) method of characterising landscape used in England and Scotland is relatively well known, there is also a method which provides complete coverage of Wales, which takes a slightly different approach. This method of landscape assessment constitutes a multi-disciplnary approach to landscape assessment and characterisation. Although not an interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary approach, the LANDMAP methodology encompases multiple aspects of landscape providing a relatively holstic assessment.

Yet there are some weaknesses within this method as with all methods, firstly it is extremly timeconsuming and thus expensive and secondly; and as is the case with many assessments and landscape planning projects there is a lack of public involvement.

Author's perspective

I am at present a PhD student, with my focus on - landscape assessment of the urban fringe and how the publics perceptions of these landscapes can incorporated within the assessment. I have been working on my PhD for approximatly 9 months, prior to this I have worked as a consultant in both the UK and Sweden with landscape assessments taking up a significant amount of my work load.

Landscape and/or urban context

The study area is located in the south of Wales and covers approximately 442 sq km, rising from sea level at Swansea Bay in the south to approximately 600m AOD at Craig y Llyn, in the east. The The south is dominated by the coastal plain which is dominated by communictaion corridors and urban structures, including the settlements of Neath and Port-Talbot as well as heavy industry. From the coast the land rises to the coal measure plateau which is deeply dissected by valleys, the two larger being the Neath and Tawe.

Cultural/social/political context

  • Brief explanation of culture, political economy, legal framework

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  • How did the area/project/plan at the focus of the case study evolve?

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Spatial analysis of area/project/plan

  • What are the main structural features?
  • How has it been shaped? Were there any critical decisions?

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Analysis of program/function

  • What are the main functional characteristics?
  • How have they been expressed or incorporated?

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Analysis of design/planning process

  • How was the area/project/plan formulated and implemented?
  • Were there any important consultations/collaborations?

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Analysis of use/users

  • How is the area/project/plan used and by whom?
  • Is the use changing? Are there any issues?

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Future development directions

  • How is the area/project/plan evolving?
  • Are there any future goals?

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Peer reviews or critique

  • Has the area/ project/plan been reviewed by academic or professional reviewers?
  • What were their main evaluations?

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Points of success and limitations

  • What do you see as the main points of success and limitations of the area/project/plan?

Illustration: Summary table

What can be generalized from this case study?

  • Are there any important theoretical insights?

Short statement plus background notes

Which research questions does it generate?

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