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Climate Change in Coastal Megacities, Bangkok, Thailand

Concept map

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Learning from Bangkok experience:

Background. Bangkok is facing with a huge catastrophes of climate change: sea level rise, storm surges, flooding. The city is situated on the coast of by the Chao Phraya river delta, determining a high level of floods every year. Floods of 2011 in Bangkok has made a huge economical damaged to the city and mental, social and accessibility problems to people.

Reasons. Natural changes in the nature caused by seasoning and human activities. Human negative impact on environment is a consequence of ignoring nature. A suitable interaction between human and nature determines a harmony between nature and human, and a lost interaction can lead into natural disasters. A problem in Bangkok raised than the people stopped using the water properly, and they built a city without figuring out the river impact’s on it.

Objectives. Try to grace climate change and develop adaptation and mitigation planning to reduce the vulnerability of the city. Try to propose a micro landscape planning, concerning the impact on the regional scale and the time scale.