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Title of Seminar: Coastal adaptation strategies in the Netherlands, by Gertjan Jobse (ARCADIS, NL)

Concept map to summarise seminar topic

Group M Coastal Adaptation Strategy Concept Map.jpg


Gertjan's lecture has given us an overview and practical examples on adaptation strategies in dealing with rising sea levels and changing morphology at the Dutch Coasts, introducing new interventions to the Building with Nature approach, to break down spatial barriers and enhance ecological opportunities. These ideas are not only applicable to other coastal environment but also delta cities and even other landscape architectural projects to promote working along with natural ecosystems and to deliver ecological services in response to climate change. The role of landscape architects in dealing with these challenges is highlighted. Landscape architecture is evolving to become heavily integral to development of different scales and functions, and is taking the lead in collaboration with stakeholders and professionals to bring awareness and to resolve conflict in interests. Robustness and being able to respond and adapt to dynamic changes is essential for sustainability of landscape interventions.

For more information

1. Background information on 'Weak Links'/ Zwakke Schakels

2. Background information on Delta Programme Ijsselmeer

3. Presentation on Walcheren Waterfront at Vlissingen

4. Interesting video on Rammergors Nature Restoration

Group members

Aura Istrate, James Nash, and Janice Thien